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Last Updated 5/21/2024

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you to all our volunteers that helped us assemble over 400 boxes of treats to distribute to our community for Purim!

JCA Energy Transition (Solar) Project - Update and Additional Community Feedback

Dear community,

On February 13th we held a community information session about proposed plans to transition the JCA off of fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy infrastructure.  Nearly 50 people attended the information session, and the recording was viewed an additional 71 times.  After the information session we opened a community feedback form to collect the thoughts and concerns of the community to bring to the board.  

To access the recording of the original information session along with the slide deck, click HERE.

The people who attended the info session, and those that completed the feedback form raised a variety of good questions.  As a result of those questions and concerns, the Green Team has taken two actions.  

The first is to rename the project to more accurately reflect the intention behind it, and the anticipated outcomes.  Rather than calling it the JCA Solar Project, we are now calling it the JCA Energy Transition Project.  

Second, the Green Team has put together an FAQ document, to address some of the most common questions and concerns, as well as to help clarify some of the aspects of the project that seemed to be unclear to many after the initial presentation.  

The FAQ document can be accessed HERE.

The JCA Board of Directors is meeting next week on Thursday March 7th, and consideration of the Energy Transition Project is one of the items on their agenda.  It is important to the Board to get as much community input and feedback as possible. Therefore, there is a second community input opportunity between now and Wednesday March 6th.  

After reading the FAQ document, and viewing the original presentation (if you have not yet done so), please complete the new feedback form found HERE, to anonymously share your thoughts with the JCA Board. 

I will compile all of the feedback from both forms to give to the board ahead of their meeting, so they may consider the feedback in their discussion.

As always, if you have additional questions, or have any trouble accessing any of the materials or links, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Shabbat Shalom,
Keren Rhodes

Spring Adult Ed Offerings

Key Jewish Practices - with Rabbi Weiner

Imagining the “Day of Reckoning”: American Jewish Performance Activism During the Holocaust - with Maya Gonzales

Jewish Baking  - with Sam the Baker

Adult Yom Ha’atzmaut Chorus - with Felicia Sloin

The 1948 Arab-Israeli War and Its Aftermath - With Aaron Berman

Passover Community Materials Share Out - with Jane Gronau and Ruth Love Barer

Intro to Jewish Texts - Exploring Sefaria - with Keren Rhodes

America’s Arab Nationalists from the Ottoman Revolution to the Rise of Hitler - with Aaron Berman

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Last Call for Mishloach Manot Basket Assembly Volunteers!

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